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Smile Essentials Denture Clinic TM with Barry Lewis R.D. offers sensible denture treatment for everyone; learn your options. Skilled Restorations that won't break the bank.

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Be Confident - turn back the clock by restoring and revitalizing the natural beauty of your smile with the DEPDSTM cosmetic denture system.

New gorgeous European tooth lines. Natural shades and superior wear for your best smile.

One Hour Repairs.

Same Day Relines.

You Deserve it!

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Caring for your Dentures

Caring for your Dentures

May 4, 2016 - Dentures require regular intervals of care, maintenance, and cleaning. Just like natural teeth your dentures need to be brushed daily.
Digital booking anywhere in the office.

Digital booking anywhere in the office.

Apr 4, 2016 - Do you ever get tired of having to wait to book a follow up appointment at your busy dental practice? We offer digital booking anywhere in the office!
What is a reline and soft liner?

What is a reline and soft liner?

May 30, 2016 - Whether you choose a soft or hard base, relines are an excellent way to keep your dentures working well, while protecting the ridges or gums from premature shrinkage.

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I have trained myself for years not to smile because I was self conscious of the gaps. It is so nice to be proud to smile again!. – 2016